My wife Denise and I moved to Tennessee from Texas along with our 6 children back in 2018 and like many of you, we choose Williamson county based on the excellent schools. Growing up, I watched the dedication of my parents who were both school teachers and the values they installed in me to always give back and invest in the communities where you live and worship.

I have served in the Information Technology and Cyber Security industry for over 20 years and currently serve on a number of professional and community association boards as well as the security ministry at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood.

My interest in serving on the school board is to return parental rights, improve teacher recruitment and retention and protect our students. These are the core of why I believe school boards exist but over the past few years, the focus has turned much more political, and our kids have suffered. I look forward to the opportunity of working with parents to return their rights in directing the education and care of their children.

I look forward to meeting many more of our community members during this election and hearing what matters most to you.

Please call, text or email you questions and I would love to attend meet and greet events as well!