Elliott Franklin is focused on returning a voice to the parents of Williamson County by running for the District 4 School board position.  How will he do that?


  • Return the right to make medical decisions for their children to parents (no forced masks or vaccines)
  • Replace the current harmful curriculum based on Critical Race Theory
  • Remove books from libraries and any associated curriculum aimed at the sexualization of children


  • Investigate and address issues of bullying and other safety concerns by holding the administration (principals and superintendent) responsible
  • Implement forums for parents to provide feedback regarding concerns with individual schools, employees or the school board (30 minutes at the monthly board meeting is not enough!)


  • Develop open lines of communication for teachers to the school board (regular pulse surveys)
  • Direct WCS Administration (Superintendent) to be accountable for leadership and support of our teachers
  • Drop tuition for children of teachers living outside of Williamson County

What is the role of the school board?

The boards role is:

  • Direct the mission, vision and strategic plan of the district
  • Hire and evaluate the superintendent
  • Review and approve policies as well as the budget.

Let’s get back to the basics, remove the political agendas and put students and teachers first.

We are known for our schools yet we have started to make changes to policies and curriculum that focus more on what’s current in the news instead of what has allowed us to achieve our mission.